Life As I Know It

Hey its Gia marie... I'm 19, i'm an artist, singer and realist ...this is my expression and thoughts, read and enjoy. ^_^ . Thanks for checking it out :)


3. July 2014

Everything I’m dreaming about is going to be outside when I awake someday .

Thought I had someone

3. July 2014

Everyone leaves no one says goodbye …when I leave please don’t ask me y …then u wonder y I’m so fucked up ….cuz ur more fucked up than me and for that u take liberty in telling me what to do …she don’t care if I’m sad as long as it brings gladness to you…u stare me in the face n don’t say a word ….the insults u threw last week can still be heard…everyone leaves and no one says goodbye …with how lonely I feel no wonder I cry so much …not even a friendly touch…this is getting too tough …please don’t ask y Im leaving don’t ask me y just make sure u reply to my goodbye.